Classic Pamper Facials

Images Beauty Therapy Clinic offers a variety of classic facials

Mini or Express Facials 30 minutes $65
Acne Extraction or Deep Cleanse Facial 45 minutes $75
Classic Revitalizing Facials 60 minutes $110

Mini or Express Facials      30 minutes          $65

A mini or express facial is a quick small basic facial, fitting in what can be done in 30 minutes – either a relaxing quick facial or a quick deep clean. Some clients with acne like to have weekly smaller 30 minute facials with a few extractions and calmative masks. We gradually extend the gap between facials as skin condition improves.

Microdermabrasion Facials 30 minutes concentrating of the exfoliating effects of Microdermabrasion and restorative hydrating serums afterwards – Microdermabrasion uses an electrical device to suction and scrub the surface of the skin removing the layers of dead dry skin.

Acne Extraction Facials     45 minutes        $75

Acne Extraction Facials and Treatments incorporate ingredients and procedures to deep clean the skin, remove Blackheads and Whiteheads (Milia) that clog the skin pores, and then encourage the healing process to begin and calm inflammation. We encourage clients with “problem” skin to have regular facials on a frequent basis to achieve better and faster results. You may need to have weekly or fortnightly facials to achieve the desired results but we do find that 2 to 6 facials over approximately 1 to 2 months does get amazing results if you adhere to the advice given.

Deep Cleanse Facials       45 minutes        $75

A Deep Cleanse Facial, as the name suggests, are facials that will deep clean the facial skin. Your therapist concentrates on cleaning steps. These may include double cleansing and chemical or enzyme peels to dissolve or soften the tough top layer of skin. We skip the more pampering steps. Most people wanting a deep cleanse may also want to opt for Microdermabrasion or chemical peels to remove accumulated layers of tough dead skin or clogged pores. This type of facial is a good “spring clean” and is a great seasonal facial to prepare skin for harsher climatic seasonal changes such as summer sun and humid beach time or winter cold winds and harsh dry indoor heating.

Classic Revitalizing Facials     60 minutes        $110

We offer a variety of Classic Pampering Facials that target specific skin conditions

Revitalizing 60 min Facials include Cleansing, Exfoliant, Massage, Mask, and Tone, Serums, Moisturizer, Sunscreen plus Vitamins and Hydrating products. It is an hour of complete skin pampering. We try to fit all the steps into an hour to give your skin a thorough spoil.

Dehydrated Skin 60 min Facials
Dehydrated Skin Facials incorporate ingredients that infuse the skin tissue with water and oil – such ingredients as glycerine, Hyaluronic acid, that saturate or retain water in the skin cells and emollients and oils that soften your skin and help to stop the evaporation of important skin moisture and the development of scaly skin.

Microdermabrasion Revitalizing 60 min Facials
A 60 minute Facial incorporating the beneficial benefits of a 15 minute Diamond Microdermabrasion and a Revitalizing Facial – giving skin a thorough deep exfoliation followed by a luxurious massage and then a rich Infusion of a combination of Vitamins A, C, E, CoQ10 serum, Anti-Oxidants and Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serums. Your skin will feel incredibly clean and smooth; and wonderfully plumped and hydrated – a great Spring Clean.

Pigmentation 60 min Facials may include Microdermabrasion or an AHA chemical peel and importantly Anti-Pigmentation products to slow or prevent the development of Hyper-Pigmentation plus vitamins and other hydrating products to improve the general health of your skin.

Anti-Aging 60 min Facial may include any of the above treatment steps.
A luxurious facial containing a big selection of ingredients, each to stimulate the regeneration of the skin cells using products rich in Anti-Oxidants, Peptides, Amino Acids and Powerful Vitamins to fight Free Radicals that are the major cause of Ageing and Hyper pigmentation. We can also incorporate AHA / BHA Peels, Microdermabrasion, Nano Needling, Ultrasound Infusion and Targeted IPL Pulses to Specific Areas around the face (see below).
We also recommend our Dermal Needling Treatment as a dramatic Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Procedure.

Nano Needling 60 min Facial $120
Nano needling is a gentler version of Dermal Needling that deeply infuses any skin care products and ingredients applied during the procedure. The procedure is just like dermal needling but with a very specifically designed needling head that has 64 very tiny 0.15 mm silicon Nano needles that are pressed into the skin surface. This treatment is very similar to our Ultrasound infusion but better and deeper. Nano needling is similar in sensation to Microdermabrasion but infuses instead, whereas Microdermabrasion has a scrubbing motion. 

Targeted IPL Rejuvenation 60 min+ Facial $110 Facial plus IPL Pulses
This Facial adds IPL Pulses to a Revitalizing Facial. Skin Rejuvenation can be achieved using the amazing IPL Light – The Intense Pulsed Light flashes can be applied all over the face, neck and décolleté or just to specific areas of the face to encourage the stimulation of collagen regeneration and the improvement in the moisturisation of the skin. Fine lines, Rosacea (Redness, chapped dry skin, Acneic skin conditions) and Pigmentation are common concerns treated with IPL.

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