What is a Manicure or a Pedicure?

These are cosmetic treatments for the fingernails, toenails, and treatment to skin on the hand or foot.

They usually consist of:

  • Filing, shaping of your nails (either finger nails or toe nails)
  • Removal of excess skin around the cuticle of the nails
  • Massage of your hand or foot
  • Application of nail polish

Speciality services may include

  • Softening treatments – soaking / moisturising treatments to soften skin on hands or feet
  • Exfoliation – scrubs or chemical peels to remove excess hardened skin on hands or feet
  • Heel Buffing – removal of large / deep calluses found on heels and soles of feet with Pedi- Paddles (Sanding)
  • Cracked Heel Treatment – removal of large / deep calluses usually found on heels or soles of feet and occlusin (gluing together crack in callus with medical grade glue) often requires frequent repeated treatment to keep condition under control
  • French Polish – designed to resemble natural nails.


Polish only 15 mins $25
French Polish Only 20 mins $30
Senior Citizen Nail Trim Only 15 mins $20
Mini Manicure or Pedicure (Nail & cuticle tidy only, no Polish) 30 mins $35
Full Manicure or Pedicure without Polish 45 mins $55
Full Manicure or Pedicure with Polish 60 mins $65
Cracked Heel Treatment 30 mins $45
Manicure& Pedicure Combo 90 mins $110

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