To use Anti-Aging Skin Care we first need to understand aging.

Aging is divided into 2 categories - Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Intrinsic aging is occurring at a cellular level and is not influenced by external factors and is set in motion as soon as we are conceived and still in the womb. All our cells have a limited life span and are replicated and replaced regularly. As each cell is replaced it is a “copy” of the previous cell – however just like photo copies - over time with each replication a slight defect may develop. Over time these tiny defects become more pronounced. In the normal human lifespan we recognise this as aging. Internal organs, bones and skin all show gradual deterioration and defects. We cannot halt this normal degenerative process. The speed this happens is also genetic with genetic degenerative diseases causing early aging.

Extrinsic aging is caused by external factors which include exposure to ULTRA-VIOLET RADIATION, pollution, oxidation, free radical damage, poor nutrition, poor hygiene and many other damage causing substances such as SMOKING CIGARETTES. Therefore, over a lifetime, it is the prevention of damage and the repair of damage that determines the speed of extrinsic aging and thus ANTI-AGING.

Of all extrinsic causes, radiation from sunlight is recognised as having the most negative effect on skin. This type of damage is referred to as photoaging – skin changes caused by chronic exposure to UV light. Photo-damage implies changes in skin beyond normal intrinsic aging and associated with development of skin lesions.

Cigarette Smoking is the second most aging factor – but also takes time to become visable.

So, to define a treatment as being ANTI-AGING it must be capable of protecting the skin from damage OR repairing and reversing the damage that has already occurred.


Some damage may take decades to emerge and often with younger people, because it has not occurred yet it is NOT happening. By the time the damage is visible it will be difficult to repair or reverse.

Therefore the best ANTI-AGING treatments and skincare are PREVENTATIVE. Example SUN BLOCK’s – prevent UV damage from occurring, skin receives less radiation therefore less damage. There are so many NEW Anti-aging ingredients being developed all the time that keeping up with all these substances can become complicated and confusing.

At IMAGES BEAUTY THERAPY CLINIC we offer a range of tried and tested ANTI-AGING treatments.

The goal of any treatments or skincare is to

  1. Calm cellular stress and irritation in skin and underlying tissue.
  2. Improve blood supply to improve tissue nutrition and remove waste
  3. Improve lymphatic function to remove inflammation, toxins and waste
  4. Repair oxidative damage – repair free radical damage – ANTI-OXIDANTS
  5. Stimulate the Production of Collagen, Elastin and Other Tissue Building Blocks
  6. Improve water and lipid (oil) levels within the skin layers to improve skin barrier seal.
  7. Improve water levels to enable mobility of skin repair mechanisms within skin structures
  8. Rejuvenate the skin and cellular activity
  9. Remove minor skin lesions with exfoliation  

Facials or treatments involving simple anti-aging ingredients and techniques include

  1. Simple Basic Skin care – calming irritation therefore calming cellular stress.
  2. Various exfoliation techniques to remove dead layers of skin – physical scrubs, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and enzymes peels.
  3. Stimulating massage – improving blood circulation, improving cellular nutrition and lymphatic circulation
  4. Calming and restorative masks – deep cleaning, calming and hydrating
  5. Hydrating and stimulating serums – deeper penetration of hydration and active ingredients - Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  6. Dermal Needling – rejuvenating, repairing and stimulation of skin and collagen growth factors – Collagen Induction Therapy
  7. Intense Pulse Light – stimulation of collagen and treatment of photo-damage, and pigmentation and Rosacea inflammation.
  8. Advanced Electrolysis – red vein treatments – environmental /photo-damage and benign lesion removal
  9. Ultra-sonic Infusion– deep cleansing and serum infusion treatments
  10. Galvanic / Iontophoresis – serum infusion treatments
There are many Anti-Aging ingredients found in the Beauty Industry and often they can be conflicting and confusing. Almost every month a new one is being advertised and sold.

Over the years we have noted some changes in skin care reflecting the study of skin and ingredients done in the science laboratories.

30 -40 years ago, collagen and elastin infused skin care was all the rage, but gradually it became obsolete as it was realised that collagen and elastin molecules could not be easily absorbed into the skin.

There was a time decades ago when oestrogen was found in skin care to improve skin – but that too was removed from the market – as it was proven to be MEDICINE and therefore should not be sold as skin care. Oil in skin care has returned after a few decades of skin care being “Oil Free” and realising our skin needs Oil. As new ingredients come on the market you really need a science degree to understand what is actually being sold to us. Skin care companies really like to try to convince us that this or that ingredient is the NEW substance of the year. It is important to be wary of FAD’S or skin care or beauty treatments that are unproven.

Christine has a scientific back ground in laboratory work and with 30 plus years Beauty Therapy experience, she has seen many such changes over the years to skin knowledge, skincare and treatments. Christine made it a practice to look at treatments or skincare ingredients with a scientific approach to make sure every treatment that is used really does stand up to scrutiny.

Anti–Aging Ingredients


  • Water !!!
  • Vegetable oils – almond, olive, argan, jojoba, rosehip, sunflower (Essential Fatty Acids)
  • Sun Blocks – Zinc oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Butyl Methoxydibenoylmethane etc

More complex

  • Vitamins – A, B 3, B 5 , C, E, F,H and K– multiple benefits
  • Manuka Honey – very powerful healing and anti-inflammatory
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid –ALA – antioxidant anti-inflammatory
  • Ceramides - hydration
  • Co Enzyme Q10 – healing rejuvenating
  • Glycolic Acid – exfoliating and skin lightening
  • Lactic Acid – exfoliating , moisturising and skin lightening
  • Kojic Acid – skin lightening benefits
  • Malic Acid – exfoliating and skin lightening
  • Mandalic Acid – exfoliating skin lightening
  • Medium Peels – BHA Salicylic Acid and TCA (Tri Chloro Acetic Acid)
  • Anti-pigmentation ingredients – Liquorice extract, Kojic Acid, Mulberry Extract, Azelaic Acid, Arbutin, Niacinamide (Vit B3), Vit C, Hydro Resorcinol, (not Hydroquinone)
  • Ascorbic Acid – Vitamin C – multiple skin benefits – healing and skin lightening
  • Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate etc – Vitamin A – stimulating
  • Ferulic Acid – antioxidant – anti-inflammatory
  • Peptides – amino acids – Matrixyl or Argireline etc – naturally occurring in skin to stimulate (signal) skin to generate more collagen or grow more skin! Therefore applying peptides stimulate collagen
  • Green tea – anti oxidant – anti inflammatory
  • Hyaluronic Acid - hydrating
  • Plant stem cells – stimulating rejuvenation
  • Resveratol – anti oxidant – anti inflammatory
So ultimately it is the combination of skin care containing various anti-ageing ingredients and compounds and anti-aging skin treatments that will produce beneficial results over time. But always remember prevention is always better than repair! So start NOW and continue to care for your skin. It will not be obvious until you compare your skin to someone who DOESN’T care for their skin!

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