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Basic Electrolysis Information

Where do we do electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a treatment used to permanently remove unwanted hair on almost any part of the body apart from the nostrils, eyelashes and genitals.

Common areas for treatment are –
face, chin, lip, eyebrows, sideburns, back of neck, chest, breasts, bikini line area, back, toes, and fingers, also tummy and legs too.

For clients with large areas of strong thick dark brown or black hairs we can also offer IPL as an alternative treatment for permanent hair removal. Ask for an IPL consultation so we can determine if IPL is suitable for you.
Clients with blonde, grey, ginger or very pale hairs IPL is not a viable alternative.

How does it work?

It involves the application of electrical current to the root of a growing hair.
The hair root is then damaged and when it regrows again it becomes thinner.
When electrolysis is done correctly, it is done gradually, over a period of months.
The hair then becomes either so thin that the hair is nearly invisible or the hair has completely stopped growing.
A very strong painful dose is needed to kill a hair completely in one dose but this is harmful and can be burning the healthy skin surrounding the hair and will possibly cause a scar.
Your therapist will prefer to give you smaller doses to gradually shrink and kill the treated hairs.
That is why we try to work gently and carefully.
It is very important that your therapist also inserts the electrolysis needle accurately into the hair follicle.

How long does it take to work?

Depending on the thickness of your hairs (to be treated) the average time to kill or permanently eradicate a hair is roughly 12 months. It may take up to 24 months (2 years). It is very important that your hairs are treated within a few weeks of their appearance.
The lifecycle of your hair can vary from 6 weeks to 12 weeks.

If you do not treat within this time window the hair becomes too old, rises to the surface of your skin and has a white bulb.
Healthy growing hair has a dark/ black bulb and is deeper in the skin.
Sadly some clients may never completely become hair free.
This does not mean electrolysis not working; it is however, an indication of another systemic problem, i.e. a strong hormonal disorder that continually stimulates hair to develop.
Sometimes, once a disorder is diagnosed, the symptoms of hair growth can be kept under control.

Who can not have electrolysis?

Some people with a medical condition or current illness may not be able to have electrolysis, as these conditions or their illness amy stop or interfere with the electrolysis procedure.

Contra- Indications

(i.e. health problems)

Metal implants, Pace maker, recent operations in the area to be treated, High Blood pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Hepatitis, HIV Aids, Herpes, Cold Sores, Skin Disorders, Skin Injuries or wounds, Sun Burn, Burns, Keloid Scarring, Bruises, Some Conditions require a Doctors Permission – Epilepsy and Moles.

If you are feeling unwell i.e. have a cold or flu please postpone your visit until you feel better. Advise us if you are taking antibiotics as these can make skin sensitive to treatment.

What does electrolysis feel like?

When done correctly, electrolysis feels like a small insect biting you, with a warm pulse and a slight tingling sensation. Some people hardly feel this and can relax easily, after a few minutes you may find you skin warms and you no longer feel much. We are able to experiment with our electrolysis machine settings and lower or increase the current according to your sensations. After the hair has been treated, the therapist will then tug on your hair –if the hair received enough treatment it will gently slide out. If the hair has not had enough treatment, you will feel a tug, we then will reapply the current again, re-tug and your hair will slide out. When all the hair has been treated and tweezed out, we apply a soothing roller with a small electric charge that soothes cools and calms your skin and then we apply some Aloe Vera gel to begin the healing process.

Skin reaction of Electrolysis Treatments Home Care/ After Care

Immediately after

Area appears slightly red, raised, swollen with possible small red spots. Redness can last 1-8 hours. Continue to apply Soothing Aloe Vera or Burn Cream

24 hours

The next day Skin appears calm- no redness or swelling. Apply Soothing Cream.

2-3 days

Usually there is no evidence of treatment, however if hairs are just below skin surface these can start to appear and also cause inflammation where they are pushing themselves through the skin. These may form “Ingrown Hairs”.

If skin heals with small scabs/crusts. These scabs will appear as tiny dots where hair has been treated.
These scabs form over each insertion point.
These will disappear in 7-10 days.
But please inform your therapist.

This can be an indication of current being too strong.
Your therapist will then alter your electrolysis settings to suit your skin.

If skin heals with small pimples.

This can mean a reaction to the after care or cross infection.
Again please inform your therapist.
A change of after care product and extra care during the healing period is usually indicated.

It Is Important To Read The Following:

During healing period after each treatment: (3 days or longer)
Do not rub with flannels or towels.
No exfoliation, scrubs or peels.
Use masks with care.
Protect skin from the sun.
No picking.
Do not use thick, oily cosmetics.
No soaking baths.
No swimming (especially immediately after treatment).

Products to apply to skin
Aloe Vera plant – Natural gel / Pure form
Aloe Vera based gel (Images Burn Cream = 100g Jar $20)
Calamine type products or antiseptic soothing creams

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