IPL - Hair Reduction

Living with unwanted hair can be debilitating and isolating, but there are ways to CONQUER IT…PERMANENTLY.

Common non-permanent hair removal methods include hair removal creams, bleaches, shaving, threading or waxing.

Want the Good News?

Life doesn’t have to be this way.
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and Electrolysis technology provide the ultimate solutions.

Both IPL and Electrolysis are treatments that are clinically proven, effective long term hair reduction or permanent eradication systems to treat unwanted hair safely and easily.

IPL and Electrolysis work similarly by heating and damaging the hair root region (papilla) of the hair follicle and causing the next generation of hairs to either be finer or no longer growing.

IPL utilises light to generate heat in the hair bulb that damages or destroys the hair papilla.
Electrolysis utilises a fine needle probe and an electrical current to generate heat in the hair bulb that damages or destroys the hair papilla.

Both treatments have advantages and limitations and when used together Images has achieved amazing successful eradication results.

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IPL Cost per Treatment

1 pulse                        $20 each

2 to 6 pulses               $10 each

6 to 100+ pulses         $5 each

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