Brow Prices

Brow Tidy (Tweeze, Thread or Wax) 10 mins $15
Brow Tint or Bleach 20 mins $18
Brow Tint & Tidy 20 mins $25
Brow Tidy & Lashtint 30 mins $40
Brow Tint & Lashtint 30 mins $40
Brow Tint, Lashtint & Brow Tidy 30 mins $45
What do we do?

Tweezing : Using tweezers we pull and remove individual hairs on the eyelid surrounding the eyebrow, gradually tidying the skin to give a clean surface.

Threading : Like tweezing, however a twisted thread is used to grasp and remove your hairs, leaves skin cleaner than tweezing but slower than waxing.

Waxing : We apply wax (a sticky resin) to below your eyebrow and cover with a small strip of fabric. The sticky wax is able to grasp many hairs on the eyelid, and then we tug off the strip of wax quickly like a plaster and take off all the hairs where the wax had been applied. (Special care is required to prevent skin being damaged by waxing = we always apply oil to the area prior to wax to protect the skin)

Electrolysis : Exactly like tweezing, we can quietly tidy your eye brow shape but use electrolysis to slowly and permanently remove your unwanted eyebrow hairs. Usually requires 10 minutes per treatment.

How do we shape your brows?

We can create different shapes, some finer and some keeping to the natural line. But our goal is to give an individual the best shape to enhance the entire face. We have been trained to shape to a uniform pattern that suits most people however if requested we will change your shape to your desired shape.

Brow Tinting

Like lash tinting a vegetable tint and peroxide is mixed together to form a paste and then gently placed onto the brows and left for a period of up to 10 minutes to allow it to develop. The tint is removed by rinsing the brow with warm or cool water. Sometimes the tint may stain the skin on the brows; this will come off overnight.

Brow Bleaching

Like brow tinting, we apply a bleaching solution to your eyebrow hairs and leave them to process until they have reached the desired lightness. Great Care is required as the brow hairs can bleach very quickly and can lighten to a copper or yellow colour. If this happens we are able to apply brow tint to darken to the desired colour.

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