Body Care

Images offers a variety of Body Treatments

These include


Body Massage

We offer mainly Swedish Massage but this can be enhanced with the addition of Hot Stones to increase the effectiveness and soothing qualities of massage.  The most popular massage is our Back Massage which reaches from the base of your skull to base of spine.

Hand Care = Manicures 

Enjoy care and attention to your natural finger nails, dry hands and finish with nail varnish.

Images offers a Senior Citizens Nail Trim Only service $20 for either Fingernails or Toenails. A service especially for those who can't reach their toes or find it difficult to trim their fingernails.

Foot Care = Pedicures

Enjoy care and attention to your natural toenails, dry feet and cracked heels and nail varnish. We have many regulars for cracked heel treatment – a very common problem for Kiwi’s who love to go bare foot. Our clients enjoy relaxing on our treament beds where we can easily see any foot problems like ingrown toenails or difficult to reach or stubborn to cut nails.

Spa and Body Scrub Treatments

Images offers a small variety of body treatments but we do not have a spa pool, bath or shower facilities, however we remove body scrub and body mask treatments with pre-heated moist hot towels which we use to wipe your body clean.

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