Red Vein and Roseacea and other vascular conditions can be treated with IPL because the redness of the blood inside a vein absorbs the light and heats up. IPL uses the white light to coagulate the blood within the vein. The heated or coagulated blood is then absorbed over the next few weeks and disappears. IPL causes the capillary to heat to approximately 50-60 degrees centigrade which like diathermy kills the tiny capillary and the waste is slowly absorbed into the body. Roseacea responds very well to IPL.

Images Beauty Therapy is able to offer a treatment, which will reduce facial vascular blemishes like the fine thread-like vessels found on cheeks and around the nose. Also general diffuse redness can be significantly reduced.

The heat generated by the intense light coagulates the blood within the tiny vessels, closing them off, and then the skins repair- cells must remove the debris.

Results will vary, occasionally minimal results may be obtained, but most people will see a significant improvement in the condition.

Often at least 4 sessions are needed in an area to obtain optimal results. Sometimes only a few. Treatments should be 4 to 6 weeks apart. You may need to come in to the clinic for periodic assessment between treatments.

Treatment of the full face is usually performed in stages rather than the whole face in a single session. Your technician will advise on how to best treat the area.

If Veins are too big Images offers an alternative treatment of Diathermy Electrolysis which is very effective for more obvious veins. A combination of both treatments may be advised.

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It is necessary to have a consultation before any Intense Pulsed light treatment will be given. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to receive information and read the consent form. During the consultation we will be establishing your medical history and skin type to determine your suitability for IPL treatments. We will also be discussing exactly how IPL works and how many treatments will be required for your needs.
Allow 60 mins. Minimum cost $50. Includes 1-3 trial patches / pulses


Skin reaction for IPL red vein treatments


Immediately Area may appear slightly raised or swollen 24 hours Skin appears calm- no redness or swelling.
1 to 6 weeks Red Veins / Redness / Blush will have faded or disappeared.


Home care / After care


It is important to read the following:

  • Avoid the following causes of red veins
  • Sun exposure and sun beds, extreme temperatures such as cold winds or heat.
  • Smoking, spice hot foods, excess alcohol, steroid medication,
  • harsh treatment of area, injury to the cheek area, friction or exfoliation/scrubs,
  • Avoid anything that can cause skin to flush.

First 24 hours

  • Avoid applying anti inflammatory creams to treated areas if possible
  • Avoid sunlight

The Next 3 to 6 Months

  • Apply Sun Block everyday (even in winter)
  • Repeat Treatment after minimum 4 weeks

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