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IPL & Sun Issues

It is very important to protect the recently IPL treated skin as it is now more sensitive to sunlight and its burning effects. Although the treatment works by using wavelengths of light that are attracted to oxyhaemoglobin [found in blood], Intense Pulsed Light is also attracted to melanin, the pigment [colour] found in hair and skin.

Some skins may be too dark for safe treatment, as the light can be attracted to the melanin in the skin surrounding a sun-spot or pigmented area and cause hyper or hypo pigmentation (increase or loss of colour in the skin).

A recent tan is also a potential problem as the light will be attracted to the melanin in the skin surrounding the pigmented lesion causing hyper or hypo pigmentation.

Sun beds need to be avoided in the same way as sun.

Spray on and instant tan products are pigments. The skin should be clean of any such products before each treatment.

If you are having rejuvenation or pigmentation treatments on the hands, wear cotton gloves when driving, gardening or playing outdoor sports.

A 30+ sun block should be applied to treatment areas if there is any likelihood of sun exposure, however strong the sun and whatever time of the year.

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