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Skin Rejuvenation Anti-Aging IPL Treatment Plan

Skin rejuvenation results when the skin is heated up by the IPL and the skin responds by repairing itself, similar to sun burn, (although no UV damage has occurred) and it is this repair that will naturally produce collagen that improves the skins appearance. This process needs to be repeated several times to achieve the rejuvenation effect. This skin rejuvenation is often a bonus treatment when hair or pigmentation or red vein treatments are performed. (i.e. multiple results from a single treatment).

Images is able to offer this popular treatment to improve the surface of facial and neck skin or the back of hands, or larger areas such as décolletage (chest).

IPL offers a more subtle improvement for those not wanting an aggressive ablative (removal) treatment like “laser resurfacing”.

Rejuvenation is a treatment usually performed:

    1. As an added bonus step to targeted areas such as the corner of the eyes or mouth during a facial. OR
    2. Over the whole face to encourage collagen production, sometimes known as collagen remodeling. It will help to improve texture, tone and refine pore size. If there are any colour irregularities (due to sun damage) then it is likely to even up as the light will affect pigment, temporarily darkening it, then it will fade out in 7 to 14 days. Vascular (blood vessels) treatment may also be needed too.

The IPL will cause a mild inflammatory response in the upper layers of the dermis causing the release of fibroblasts, which in turn produces new collagen to form in the skin. This is a slow process, taking up to three to twelve months to see full effect. A series of six treatments, the first two, two weeks apart, and then monthly.

A doctor’s letter confirming that no skin cancers are present is required before commencing treatment.

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