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Permanent Hair Reduction IPL Treatment Plan

Permanent Hair Reduction results when the hair root is heated and killed. The hair then falls out. The next hair does not grow because the root cells in the hair follicle have been killed or damaged.

Images Beauty Therapy Clinic offers permanent hair reduction using Intense Pulsed Light. This means that in most cases the majority of hair will not return after a short series of treatment.

This course of treatment varies from person to person, but will usually be about 6 – 8 regular sessions possibly about a month to three months apart. Total Treatment time may take 6 months to 2 years to complete depending on treatment gaps.

The hair that is going to disappear for good will usually stop growing within this initial course, with any residual hair growth being finer, softer, lighter in colour and re-growing at a dramatically slower rate.  This residual hair growth can be left alone, or you can have occasional maintenance treatments, which can vary from a few months apart to once a year.

The degree of hair loss and the time taken to get results will vary from person to person as there are many factors that can influence hair growth.

IPL only works on dark hair – it does not work on blond, red or white hairs.

It is most important to understand that to permanently get rid of hair, IPL must be applied to hairs that are in the growing (or alive) part of the hair growth cycle. A young  hair has a dark bulb under the skin and it is this bulb that we are targeting with the light. When a hair gets old the bulb changes and becomes pale and shrivels up.

If the hairs are too old IPL will not work. Do not leave your IPL appointments too far apart as this will alter the effectiveness of IPL on hair reduction because the hairs may become too old for treatment.

For maximum results you need to follow the initial course regularly as recommended by your therapist.

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