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Body Waxing


We use two different waxes when performing body waxes:
Strip wax – a thin sticky resin syrup that requires a cloth to pull it off – fine hairs

  • A bottle with a roller head – allows a very efficient and clean thin smear over a large area.
  • A spatula allows your therapist to apply a thin scrape of wax on a small area.

Hot wax – a thick paste that sets solid as it cools – coarse hairs (bikini, underarm, and chest hair)

Bikini And Brazilian Bikini Waxing

When booking your Bikini waxing we require your hair growth to be at least 1cm long for optimum results. We predominantly use hot wax for the bikini area, but with regular waxing we find the hairs become finer, shorter and more sparse. As this happens we often need to change to strip wax to effectively remove hair. Our “From” Price is due to some clients requiring extended time for their procedures


Bikini $25 Removal of hair from outside groin and top of thigh (areas of skin wxposed with normal underwear or swimsuit)
Extended Bikini $35 Removal of hair slightly inside groin /underwear or further down the thigh area (ares of skin exposed by skimpy underwear)
Brazilian Bikini $60 Removal of hair from groin and removal from the labia or inner bikini area (Vagina) Most clients request either a small strip or a triangle of hair left on the mons area
Hollywood Bikini $60 Removal of all hair from the groin, pubic (mons) and Labia (vagina)
Bronx Bikini $60 Similar to Brazilian but including removal of hair from Anus
XXX Bikini $65 Similar to Hollywood but including removal of hair from anus
* Sorry we do NOT Male Brazilian waxing
Finger Wax $7 Removal of hair from knuckles and fingers
Hand Wax $12 Removal of hair from knuckles and back of hand
Underarm $25 Removal of all hair in the arm pit (underarm)
Forearm $30 Removal of hair from approx 10cm above elbow to fingers
Full Arm $35 Removal of hair from shoulder to fingers
LEG WAXING – Price for both legs
Shin $20 Removal of hair between knee and ankle at front of your lower legs only (does not include hair on calf muscle (back of lower leg)
Half ½ Leg $38 Removal of hair from above the knee to toes
Thigh $45 Removal of hair from groin to below knee
¾ Leg $55 Removal of hair from mid thigh to toes
Full Leg (FLW) $70 Removal of hair from groin to toes
Back of Thigh (BOT) $20-25 Removal of hair from back of thighs only
Chest $25
Stomach $25
Front $45
Back of Neck $25
Shoulder $35
Lower Back $35
Back $45
Torso ( Front & Back) $80
Upper Body (Torso & Arms) $110
Body (Torso Butt & Legs) $150
Full Body ( Torso Arms Legs Butt) $170-180








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