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Electrolysis Overview

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the science of using electricity to produce either heat or create a chemical reaction in either a hair follicle or in skin tissue utilizing a probe device.

An Electrologist is a trained therapist specializing in treating Unwanted Hair or  Red Vein Treatment or Advanced Electrolysis – Unwanted Benign Skin Lesions.

For Permanent Hair Removal, the fine sterile probe is inserted into the hair follicle and the small amount of electric current is discharged, destroying the hair follicle and preventing it from producing another hair.

For Other Advanced Electrolysis treatments such as Red Vein and Benign Lesions such as Skin Tags or Sebaceous Hyperplasia the fine probe is inserted into the skin (usually only a few millimetres) and the electric current is discharged either cauterizing the blood supply or creating a chemical within the lesion which destroys the lesion.

News – Due to high demand Images recently purchased our second Apilus Senior Electronic Computer Controlled Electrolysis Machine from Canada with incredible time and current adjustments which enables Images to offer Gentle, Less Painful Electrolysis to its many electrolysis clients. With 2 full time Electrologists and over 150+ Electrolysis Clients per month, 2 machines will allow greater appointment availability.

If you would like to talk to us about Electrolysis enquire about an appointment for a consultation contact us by

Consultations cost $20 but this price is redeemable against treatment.



Our Electrolysis Machines

Over the past 30 years Christine has worked with 7 different electrolysis machines starting with a very basic Carlton Electrolysis machine during training and progressing to working with 2 Blok Blend (manual) machines from 1986 to 1998 (12 Years).

In Oct 1998 Christine purchased Images and began working with a Silhouette-tone Electronic Electrolysis Machine and a Skinbod Electronic Electrolysis Machine in 2000. In 2012 Images replaced the Silhouette with our first Apilus Senior Computerized Electronic Electrolysis Machine. Our electrolysis clientele numbers are gradually increasing, so we decided we needed to purchase another Apilus Senior Machine. Christine and Satwinder have a machine each now and are able to offer more flexibility with appointment bookings.

Computerized Electronic Electrolysis machines enable an Electrologist to provide a superior treatment with accurate and precise electrolysis settings with millisecond and microsecond time control.

The Apilus Senior Machine 3G is the quickest, the most powerful and the most comfortable 13.56 MHz technology on the market (in the world). It integrates the exclusive iMM-Pac option and offers more than 10 treatment modalities as well as 1080 programs, allowing the Electrologist to adapt to all situations. Its high performance and versatility makes it the most popular electrolysis device in the world.

Every person experiences electrolysis differently and your Electrologist must be able to adapt to your specific hair type, skin type, skin texture, moisture level and sensitivity.  We customize your electrolysis treatment for maximum comfort, speed and most importantly permanency.


Electrolysis – Permanent Hair Removal

5 mins $20
10 mins $28
15 mins $35
20 mins $40
30 mins $50
45 mins $60
60 mins $70


Advanced Electrolysis

Red Vein Treatment

5 mins $35
10 mins $55
15 mins $65
20 mins $75

Benign Lesion Removal / Xanthoma /Sebaceous Hyperplasia

5 mins $35
10 mins $55
15 mins $65


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