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Red Vein Treatment & Diathermy

Are you fed up with those annoying red patches on your cheeks or small red thread capillaries around the edge of your nostrils or the sides of the nose? They are a common affliction of New Zealanders predominantly caused by our intensive sunlight and lifestyles.

Images Offers Two types of Red Vein Treatment
1. Classic Cauterizing / Diathermy of Red Veins / Capillaries with the Electrolysis Needle
2. Intense Pulsed Light to coagulate very fine red veins / flushed cheeks / Rosacea

There can be many causes of these damaged capillaries … sun exposure, harsh treatment of the skin and injury such as squeezing. In some cases, fine skin texture and couperose may be an inherited factor

For a full consultation to go over any further questions you may have about Red Vein Treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us to make a consultation appointment with one of our beauty therapists.

Consultations cost $20 but this price is redeemable against treatment.







Diathermy Red Vein Treatment

Red Vein Treatment is part of Our Advanced Electrolysis Treatments using our Electrolysis Machines and skilled trained Electrologists and Beauty Therapists. – Christine and Satwinder.

Our Other Electrolysis Treatments are Electrolysis Hair Removal and Advanced Electrolysis for Skin Tag and Other Benign Lesion Removal.

Diathermy Red Vein Treatment is Only Performed on Facial Capillaries.
Diathermy is an advanced technique employed by Electrologists to reduce and eliminate, individual, visible surface capillaries (Thread Veins) and spider veins, on the face and décolletage
We use electrolysis to coagulate the capillary immediately. Imagine the capillary as a tiny tunnel just under the skin surface (within 1-2 mm of the surface). Blood rushes down these tunnels. The very fine needle is inserted into these and heat applied which causes the capillary to heat to approximately 50-60 degrees centigrade, which coagulates (cooks) the blood, blocking the capillary. The Capillary then dies and the waste is reabsorbed back into the body.
Diathermy / Needle red vein is better for the large capillaries whereas IPL is better for the very fine capillaries.
Other unseen capillaries supply the skin and these take over from the ones destroyed.

Contra- Indications

i.e. health problems that could stop or interfere with procedure.
Any disorders of coronary (heart), vascular or blood disorders i.e. Blood clotting etc.
Pregnancy, Metal Implants, Recent Operations Or Skin Injuries(6 Months) High Or Low Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions, Pace Maker, Keloid Scarring, Allergies, Bruises, Herpes, Cold Sores, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Sun Burn, Burns And Skin Disorders.

Skin reaction for electrolysis red vein treatments

Immediately area appears red, raised, swollen
Redness lasts 1-8 hours.
24 hours Skin appears calm- no redness or swelling.
2-3 days Heals with small scabs/crusts. These scabs will appear as tiny dots along the treated vessels. These scabs form over each insertion point.
These will disappear in 7-10 days. DO NOT REMOVE SCABS!!!

Home Care/ After Care

It is important to read the following:

Avoid the following causes of red veins
– Sun exposure and sun beds, extreme temperatures such as cold winds or heat.
– Smoking, spice hot foods, excess alcohol, steroid medication, harsh treatment of area, injury to the cheek area, friction or       exfoliation/scrubs, anything that can cause skin to flush.
During healing period after each treatment: (14 day +)
– Do not rub with flannels or towels
– No exfoliation, scrubs or peels
– Use masks with care
– Protect skin from the sun
– No picking
– Do not remove scabs
– After 24 hours do so very carefully, so crusts are not removed.
– Keep area dry to promote scab formation
– Do not use thick, oily cosmetics
– No soaking baths
– No swimming

Products to apply to skin
– Aloe Vera plant – Natural gel / Pure form
– Aloe Vera based gel (Images Burn Cream)

RED VEIN COST Electrolysis Method (Face Only)

Recommended for larger red veins on face. Only small areas can be treated per session due to areas flushing pink in approx 5 mins. Not recommended treatment for leg varicose veins. (IPL is a better treatment for very fine veins)
5 mins              $35             15 mins            $65
10 mins            $55             20 mins            $75

If you would like to talk to us about Red Vein Treatment enquire about an appointment for a consultation contact us by

Consultations cost $20 but this price is redeemable against treatment.

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