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One Truth Serum – TAM 818


One Truth 818 Serum $299.00

The answer lies in Nobel Prize winning research. A clock ticks inside every single living cell of our bodies, in a region called the Telomere at the tips of our chromosomes. The shortening of the Telomeres is proven to have direct correlation with aging.

Just like the caps on the end of your shoelaces, the older the Telomeres get, the more worn out and shorter they become, until the cells are rendered useless. When Telomeres get too short they are unable to support the DNA. The older the cells, the shorter the telomeres become, the more we age.

Scientists have known about Telomeres since the 1930’s, and known that they get shorter as we get older since the 1970’s.

Dr Bill Andrews PhD – known as “The Man Who Would Stop Time”

It was Dr Bill Andrews’ Award winning discovery of the enzyme Telomerase that led him and other scientists to sustain human cells in vitro. Many in the scientific community call the discovery of Telomerase the world’s biggest scientific breakthrough to date. One that could ultimately, support healthy aging in humans while maintaining a youthful appearance. Telomerase re-lengthens telomeres – thus undoing any ageing that is occurring and even reversing ageing that has already occurred.

It took 11 years of research and a $33 million investment by award-winning Telomere biologist Dr. Bill Andrews PhD and his team at Sierra Sciences to finally find , TAM-818, the strongest of nearly 300,000 compounds screened. TAM – 818 works to “SWITCH ON” the dormant telomerase enzyme in all the cells in our body to make them young again. TAM – 818 is lengthening Telomeres!! Next step – how to apply to OUR skin.

This sophisticated active ingredient TAM-818 molecule was handed over to experienced cosmetic scientists at Chase Life Extension Foundation who encapsulated the ‘818’ molecule into a complex liposome, enabling delivery of the ‘818’ into the deepest layers of the skin. Fast forward to 2015 and we now have a true Anti-Ageing Serum! 

One Truth 818 serum is the only skincare serum in the world that contains Tam-818 the world’s most powerful telomerase-inducing compound

The Truth is out.

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Medical Grade Clinical trials at Abich Labs in Italy show that after 30 days of bi-daily application of One Truth Serum improved skin smoothness by 12.53% on the forehead and 9.63% around the eye area. Forehead wrinkles decreased by 14% and crow’s feet by 11.07%. Skin Firmness improved by an average of 20.33%. 

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  • One Truth 818 decreased wrinkles by 14.04%, improved skin firmness by 20.33% and elasticity by 8.33%.
  • Check out the amazing results being achieved during clinical trials of One Truth 818
  • Watch the 2010 Documentary “Immortal” to understand telomeres.
  • The Truth is out about this cutting edge Age Reversing Skin Serum.

New at Images – The World’s Most Powerful Anti-Ageing Skin Serum, One Truth 818

Future development is working on how to deliver this and similar molecules to our ENTIRE body!

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