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Green Herbal Peel

Original Method by Dr med. Christine Schrammek  

Basic Package $400 (Consult, Peel, Post Facial + Basic Kit)

Protective Package $475 (Consult ,Peel, Post Facial + Protective Kit)

Complete Package $600 (Consult, Pre Facial, Peel, Post Facial + Complete Kit)

It really works!

The GREEN PEEL Herbal Peeling Treatment is one of the best methods of treating impure and damaged skin. In fact, the Herbal Peeling Treatment is one of the most effective and long-lasting anti-aging treatments. After this natural peeling, the skin is completely renewed.

If you find you are unhappy with your skin, and you feel you are getting a little older – your skin is sallow, pores are no longer fine and little creases seem to be getting deeper- maybe there is something you would like to do about it. If you want a beautiful, fresh, youthful skin without using chemicals or surgical procedures then we have the solution.

Green Peel was formulated nearly 60 years ago with world wide experience and thousands of clients. The Green Herbal Peel has not changed its original 11+ herb formulation over this time.

The original method was developed by Christine Schrammek in 1958, and continued with her daughter Dr med Christine Schrammek-Drusio – a dermatologist, allergist and anti-aging expert.

Christine Schrammek also developed the original BB Blemish Balm that has been copied by many skin care companies around the world.

The core of the treatment is a mixture of 11 herbs which contain natural acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and other elements. The herbal mixture is a medically-developed biologically-based method with exclusively natural plant ingredients that work synergistically together to achieve the desired treatment objectives.

What is the GREEN PEEL Process?

  • Before proceeding with treatment, we must conduct a comprehensive consultation, where we will discuss your individual treatment goals and the exact procedure of your treatment.
  • It is important that your skin has not been treated with acids or other aggressive ingredients in the previous 4 – 6 weeks. We want the skin renewal process to be triggered by the pure plant-based ingredients. If your skin is very impure and clogged it may be necessary to have a small deep cleanse facial prior to the peel to aid absorption of the herbal actives.
  • On the day of your peel, after prepping your skin, the herbal mixture is worked into the skin with a special massage and pressure technique for a period of between 6 to 10 minutes – the duration and pressure used determines the impact and success of the herbal peeling process.
  • The herbal mixture is then covered with gauze and kept damp with special herbal water for 20 minutes to encourage the infusion of the active herb ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • The skin MUST NOT be rinsed or washed with water for the following 5 days to get the full effect of the Peel.
  • Included in your GREEN PEEL Treatment Package is your Home Care Kit

The goal of the treatment is a peeling of the outermost skin layers and the formation of new skin. The Herbs cause the peel and also improve the circulation and oxygen exchange in the skin, as well as stimulating cell metabolism. Patience is required while the full effect of the herbs unfold.

During the initial 1 – 2 days the outer layers tighten and skin may have mild redness and a tingly and prickly sensation. You may become very aware of something happening inside your skin.

After 3 days the process of skin renewal starts to show and the skin begins to peel. Any slight redness disappears.

After 5 days you visit Images for the BEAUTY FINISH TREATMENT (included as part of package)

The peeled and renewed skin is now pampered and reinforced with special moisturising and renewal products.

During the 5 days of renewal between the two appointments, extreme care is required to avoid compromising the potency of the Green Herbal Ingredients. Avoid over washing, sweating, swimming – herbs may be flush out and skin may swell up. The Home care kit contains the Herbal care lotion to cleanse skin and the special care cream and Blemish Balm to moisturise and protect your skin over the “5 peeling days”.

The result is a visible beautiful healthy skin.

The Green Peel Herbal Classic offers affective solutions for treating impure, sundamaged, premature skin aging,  wrinkles, scars and skin discolouration.


The original Green Herbal Peel renews your skin. A Skin Peel with Intensive Effects. This treatment offers the solution for a number of skin problems on the Face or Body. (Large Pores, Acne, Aging Skin, Sun Damaged Loose Saggy skin) A pure herbal plant mixture without chemical additives that stimulates the blood circulation of the treated skin area and peeling the upper skin layers. The improved circulation stimulates oxygen supply, skin metabolism and speeds purification of the skin. Regeneration results with new skin cells and collagen fibres May require multiple treatments to achieved desired effect.

Original Method by Dr med. Christine Schrammek

Basic Package $400 (Consult, Peel, Post Facial + Basic Kit)

Protective Package $475 (Consult ,Peel, Post Facial + Protective Kit)

Complete Package $600 (Consult, Pre Facial, Peel, Post Facial + Complete Kit)

Treatment Costs  Value
Pre Treatment Consultation $20
Pre Treatment Deep Cleanse Mini Facial $60
Classic Green Peel 90 Mins $200
5th Day Post Peel Treatment Facial $110
Home AfterCare Kits / Bags
Basic Kit   (3 items + Bag) $95
1. Herbal Care Lotion
2. Special Care Cream 15 ml (normal – dry)
2. Special Regulating Cream 15ml (impure)
3. Blemish Balm 15 ml
Protective Kit    (4 items) $170 
4. Optimum Protection Cream spf 20 75ml
Complete Kit     (5 items) $250
5. Herbal Ampoules Vital (normal – dry) 7 x 2ml
5. Herbal Ampoules Pure (impure) 7 x 2 ml



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