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Facial Appointment Timing and Cost

Before any facial we will always begin with a quick 5 minute skin analysis / consultation to determine what treatment we will be performing on you. We will suggest different types of facials depending on skin condition and outcome desired.

For a more thorough Skin Analysis or Treatment Consultation book  a CONSULTATION

Consultation                                 15 to 30 minutes             $20 to $25

If you are not sure what the best options are for your skin care we can offer a combined Skin Consultation with a 1 hour Facial. Please let us know at time of booking so we can arrange a longer appointment time to accommodate a consultation prior to Facial.

We will give you a thorough skin analysis, looking at your skin, and then discuss:

  • your current skin state
  • what concerns you about your skin
  • what is your priority concern and therefore priority treatment
  • what treatment options are available to treat your concerns
  • design a treatment program to address your concerns
  • what subsequent concerns and treatments will follow
  • what home care would best suit you and your skin concerns

We can then begin our first treatment based on our discussion and addressing your concerns.

Examples of Facials

Full Deluxe Classic Facials                             60 minutes               $110
An hour of complete skin pampering.

When booking please just book a Classic Revitalizing 60 minute Facial and we decide what facial will be best for you when you arrive for your appointment. Whether we suggest Microdermabrasion or an AHA Peel as part of your Cleansing Prep these can be incorporated into your facial.


Classic Revitalizing Facial 60 mins $110  includes vitamins & hydrating products
Micro Dermabrasion Revitalising Facial 60 mins $110 includes Microdermabrasion & vitamins  & hydrating products
Pigmentation Program Facial 60 mins $110 may include Microdermabrasion or AHA peel, Anti-pigmentation products & vitamins
Anti-Aging Program Facial 60 mins $110  May include any of the above
Nano Needling Facial 60mins $120  Revitalizing Facial + Nano Needling Infusion


Deep Cleanse  Acne Extraction Facials                  45 minutes                $75
As implied these will deep clean the facial skin and we therefore concentrate on cleaning steps. We skip the more pampering steps. Spend more time during your facial performing extractions and calming with masks.

Acne Extraction Detoxification Facial 45 mins $75
Micro Dermabrasion Detox Facial 45 mins $75


Mini Facial / Peel Facial              30 minutes       $65 – $80 – $120
Basically what can be done in 30 minutes – either relaxing quick facial or a quick deep clean.
Many people with acne have weekly extraction  facials with calmative masks. We gradually extend the gap between facials as skin condition improves.

Mini Facials
Express / Mini Facial 30 mins $65  very basic
Micro Dermabrasion 30 mins $65
AHA or AHA/BHA Peel  30 mins  $65
Enzyme Peel 30 mins $65
AHA included in Facial 60 mins $110
BHA Salicylic Layered Peel 60 mins $80
DR 1 Jessner Peel 60 mins $120
DR 2 TCA Peel 60 mins $120
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