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Anti-aging / Skincare

Anti-aging / Skin care Overview

“Forget what you’ve been lead to believe … and follow these simple yet effective steps to avoid the dreaded onset of ageing”

The Dark Side of Self–Help / Self Diagnosis…When Self Help Goes Too Far

Its time for people to arm themselves with crucial insider information, about what ingredients and treatments really work…to slow down and manage their own ageing process…

With a background in Microbiology and Biochemistry …and nearly 30 years as an Aesthetician, coupled with her personal philosophy to never stop learning. Christine West is an industry insider who’s seen first hand the results than can be achieved without the need for invasive surgery and procedures.

Most people aren’t aware of what results can be achieved with correct skincare, in as little as a few weeks, that repair major skin concerns and that slow down or stop the advancing signs of ageing.                                        

A real concern is the rapid increase of clients seeking help for damage they themselves have caused by self diagnosing …and then buying intensive skin care products or seeking advanced skin treatments for incorrect skin types and wrongly diagnosed skin conditions.

Without the crucial knowledge of how these intensive ingredients or treatments work, used incorrectly they can either cause harm, or at best get no-where and waste time and money achieving nothing.

Without a proper skin consultation, proper analysis  and diagnosis of skin conditions, these people can end up with major skin problems, when they have used strong or wrong skin care products and treatments, that can lead to requiring doctor’s visits if problems worsen.

Correct Skin Analysis and Diagnosis is so important.

Images prefers to offer our clients

  1. A thorough skin analysis
  2. Then guide our clients towards basic easy skin care routines, often using basic simple but correct skin care products.
  3. Plan a Corrective Treatment Program
  4. Start Progressive Repairing Treatments
  5. Then gradually add more intensive anti-ageing or corrective healing ingredients as the clients skin condition progressively improves.
  6. Finally continue to maintain our clients skin care, dealing with subsequent skin care concerns, beauty routines or Aesthetic goals.
  7. If skin concerns are deemed beyond our scope of care we will refer you to more advanced medical care.
  8. We are here to be your skin care coach.


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