Welcome to Images Beauty Therapy Clinic Papatoetoe


Covid 19 Lockdown Level 3 = Images Closed 

Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th February 2021

We are looking forward to returning to work and offering services for our clients when we return to Lockdown Level 2  (hopefully Thursday 18th February)

Our services require skin contact (especially around the face and bikini) and are therefore extremely hazardous to both you as our clients, and to ourselves and therefore our families. 

We are sanitising and using PPE equipment to enable Images to offer hygienic, safe treatments for our Staff and Clients. 

If you are booking online, please be aware, we are adding sanitising time between clients and your bookings reflect this in our appointment book. You are not charged for this time.  

Thanks - Christine, Kate and Satwinder.

Some tips for client concerns while we are closed in Lockdown 3 or 4.

  1. Electrolysis - please either shave or trim hair with scissors - we will catch up with treatment later. If you must pluck - we will sort it out when we return to business.
  2. Waxing - we are sorry if you going to be hairy during this lockdown period - but hopefully your familys will embrase the new temporary you - just remember winter is coming.
  3. Toes and nails - please try to be extra careful when trimming - beware trimming too close or cutting deeply into the corners causing ingrown nails and PAIN!
  4. Give yourself some pampering - try giving yourself a little facial at home, or have a foot soak or trim and polish your fingernails. Why not pamper your fellow inmates?
  5. Finally -  we will be back !


Images specializes predominantly in Hair Removal

We also specialize in innovative skin rejuvenating treatments

“Images” is a small Beauty Therapy Clinic established 33 years ago in Papatoetoe, with a team of 3 beauty therapists that have worked together for over 13 years. We offer a warm friendly family atmosphere with a large regular clientele and an honest approach to all our skin care and treatments.